WordPress VS. Blogger: Which is a Better Platform to Use


It’s not easy to start a blog. It’s a time-consuming process. You must also learn the ins and outs blogging platform that you are using apart from promoting your blog posts by using different SEO techniques. So, the first step is to choose an appropriate blogging platform.

WordPress and Blogger are two major platforms that are usually used for blogging purposes. Many advanced features are provided by these two platforms. In this article, we have compared the two blogging platforms. You can choose the appropriate one for yourself according to your needs.

  1. Ownership


Tech giant Google provides the blogging service known as Blogger. This service is free to use and it can publish the blogs on the internet easily. But you do not have the ownership of this service and Google can shut down your access to this platform at any time.

WordPress hosting provider is used with WordPress in order to host your website. You can decide that for how much time you want to run this service. All of the data is owned by you.

  1. Control


By using blogger, you can only perform some specific tasks and you have very limited tools to use.

On the other hand, WordPress is an open source software, so you add new features according to your requirements. You can enhance the default feature set such as you can add a store to your website and can create a portfolio, etc.

WordPress is a better choice, in the case of business websites.

  1. Appearance


Blogger provides a limited set of templates that you can use. Built-in tools can be used for modifying the colors and layout of these templates but you cannot create a layout of your own.

WordPress offers thousands of free and premium themes with the help of which you can create professional websites. You will find a lot of high-quality themes which can be modified easily. You can give the projects to WordPress developer London that can customize the themes for you according to your choice.

  1. Portability


If you want to move your website from Blogger to some other platform then it’s a complicated and risky task. You can also lose your SEO rankings, subscribers, and followers. But your data will be stored on Google servers for a long period of time.

WordPress allows you to move your site anywhere. You can shift your WordPress site to a new host and change domain name. You can also move your site to other content management systems.

Hence, WordPress offers more SEO advantages.

  1. Security

Hacking free website

Blogger is owned by Google so you have the advantage of Google’s robust secure platform. Google can manage resources of your server. You do not need to worry about the security of your blog or creating backups.

WordPress is also a secure platform but it’s an open source software that provides the self-hosted solution so you are responsible for the security and backups of your content. This can be done by using different WordPress plugins.

So, these are some pros and cons of WordPress and Blogger. This comparison will help you in deciding the right platform. Web development London offers a WordPress platform so you can create your blogs with the help of this powerful tool. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below:


Create a Blog for Your E-commerce Store


If you want to generate traffic to your website then blogging is the best method. Most of the businesses do not understand this that why blogging is important for the ranking of their websites.

Do not spend all of your time in converting your customers. Also, give attention to the ways by which the customers can get to know about your business. Blogging is one of the best ways for increasing the traffic on your website; hence, increasing the sale. Never think that blogging is a needless luxury.

If you will create more blog posts for your website then the ranking of web pages will be improved in SERPs and the visitors will be converted to customers. SEO Company London offers great SEO services for generating traffic to your websites.

In this article, we have explained that why your e-commerce store needs a blog.

Craft an SEO Policy


One of the most important parts of SEO strategy is content marketing that usually means blogging. In order to generate more traffic to a website based on search engine queries, you need to rank your website. But to improve the ranking, it is required to produce relevant blogs.

The following tips must be kept in mind if you want to run your e-commerce blog.

  • Try to generate quality content with over 1,000 words
  • Use both short and long-tail keywords in your blogs
  • Try to publish good content pieces on your website regularly and as frequently as possible
  • To boost the ranking of your website practice an on-page internal link building strategy

Always remember that a long and focused content will work better than short and low-quality content. A good content will attract the readers and will improve the position of your website

in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Provide a Good and Useful Content


The first and foremost aim of blogging is to improve the ranking of a website. But while generating content, always keep in mind that readers are real humans who want answers to their question, insights, and links. Along with the e-commerce store, you can create a portion for adding blogs that can be helpful for the readers.

Moreover, you should also disclose the name of bloggers so that people do not feel like the content is an advertorial or corporate promotional strategy. This will help the readers to understand that they are not reading any sponsored content. So, they will pay more attention to the blog. You can also hire web design agency London for designing the layout of your blogs.

You Can also Become a Thought Leader


Blogging also helps you to become a thought leader in your firm. Blogs will also improve the relationship with your customers and will let them know that you have a sound knowledge of your products.

Therefore, you must generate a blog for your Ecommerce store. A good content strategy must be built for better SEO ranking. If you have any question, please let us know in the comment section below:

Benefits of PHP Web Development


The internet technology is changing at a very rapid pace. So with this fast growing technology, the business possessors want to make their websites, online business portals, forums, blogs etc, unique and professional.

Every business is trying to make attention-grabbing websites by incorporating quality content and graphics in order to increase the number of visitors. Latest smart phone devices can also be used to access the websites. There are several reliable and cost-effective solutions that can be used for the development of websites such as PHP frameworks. PHP web development offers many advantages that are mentioned below:

1) Open Source and Free of Cost


PHP is open source which means that anyone can use it. As it is open source, so the PHP web developers are continuously updating the central functionalities of PHP. Users are able to use PHP without paying any cost under PHP General Public License. Moreover, many of the associative software programs for PHP such as MySQL, Text Editors and Apache Server are also free to use. Hence, PHP is a cost efficient solution for owners of websites.

2) Flexible and Easy Coding Methods


PHP is very user friendly. It offers more flexibility as compared to C, C++ and ASP. It provides a great help in generating more traffic to the website. The syntax of PHP is easy to understand. The code is incorporated in HTML source code and PHP is based on C/C++. So, the coding method is quite easy in PHP.

3)  Good Compatibility and Independent of Platform Used


PHP is very compatible with different operating systems and web servers. The script of PHP is able to run on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, OpenBSD, Mac OSX etc. PHP also gives good support to web servers like Apache, IIS, iPlanet. Moreover, it also provides support for databases such as MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, InterBase, FrontBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

4) Dominant & Multipurpose


Several web portals use PHP programming. Almost every kind of web application can be developed in PHP such as informative forums,  platforms for chatting, huge organizational websites, CRM solutions, e-commerce websites, , business driven Apps etc.

Few of the examples of social media websites that are made through PHP are Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. Moreover, PHP can also handle the websites having a lot of traffic.

5) Great Security

Hacking free website

PHP consists of multiple security layers so it offers great protection against harmful activities.

6) Large Community of Developers


There are many PHP support developers that provide help by publishing up to date tutorials and documents. These support developers also provide help on community forums. The code written by you can be used by other users also.

7) PHP has Proven Its Mark


People are using PHP programming since 1995. Most of the business owners prefer PHP programming for the development of their websites. PHP has developed and maintained many popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hence, if you are looking for a versatile option for the development of your website, then PHP Web Development is the best choice. It’s simple and cost efficient solution. You can ask any question related to this article in the comment section below:

SEO: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Businesses

Today, having a strong online presence that is optimized for search engines becomes a necessity for all businesses operating worldwide. Millions of consumers use smart gadgets to search for the products and services they need, and with tons of businesses competing online, they get to scroll through a wide variety of options.

SEO: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Businesses

As a small business, you might have heard about SEO services UK, or have been told that your website needs to be optimized for search. But what EXACTLY is SEO? And how do you get your site optimized for search?

Not to fret, that’s EXACTLY what we asked Web Design Company UK.

So, what did the Web Design Company UK tell us about SEO?

Experts say SEO is a set of tools and processes that help improve the way your website pages rank/perform on major search engines. And SEO services UK help businesses make the magic happen.

As people use search engines to find information online, so positioning your website to appear on a higher rank on the results page is obviously helpful for generating more business. Optimizing your business for search has many benefits:

  • •      It helps ensure more customers can find your business,
  • •      It’s a great way to attract more traffic to your website,
  • •      You get connected with people who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

To put it in other words, Web Design Company UK refers to SEO as one of the most effective ways of winning a higher count of better-targeted prospects to your company’s website.

SEO: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Businesses

You need to know your target customer

This is important. Before you hire SEO services UK or design your own SEO campaign, you must figure out who your target audience is, and what needs and behavior your product/service can address.

Next, you need to evaluate your website and determine whether you are delivering the right content that meets your customers’ expectations. Now that you are set to define the keyword strategies, you need to list your main competitors.

Identify profitable keywords and make them work

There are three types of people visiting your company’s website; Browsers, shoppers and buyers. Each is at a different level in the purchase funnel and use different keywords to signify intent. For instance, let’s take a case of a customer willing to purchase a TV.

Web Design Company UK explains that a browser may search using the keyword “TV” while a shopper who is further along the purchase pipeline, might enter the keyword “Samsung 50-inch TV” or “TCL TV

reviews.” A buyer, all set to make the purchase, would search “Lowest TCL LED TV price” or “buy Samsung TV online.”

If you are playing with a limited Google AdWords Budget or hiring SEO services UK, you might want to use the keywords that are associated with the serious intent of the customer to make a purchase.

Bonus tip: Your competitor’s SEO campaigns are a rich source of information for you right now. You can use online keyword generation tools such as SpyFu to discover keywords your competitors are using that are helping them generate business and can work for you too.

Make sure to optimize for conversions

If you track hundred people visiting your website on a daily average but none converting to a lead, improving traffic will not help generate results. The best way to make things work for your business is to hire professional SEO services UK as that will help you base your efforts on some robust conversion rate optimization strategies.

4 Advantages That Make Offshore PHP Development Profitable


When going for the offshore developers, you can choose qualified professionals after going through their portfolios. Professional companies create extensive catalogues of their projects and achievements to display samples of their best work.  Offshore development companies can grant you the luxury of forming a team of professional top notch developers, who can provide results that you desire. Read in more detail here.

5 Reasons to consult PHP programmers for developing your Business websites

5 reasons to consult developers for developing your Business applications

Small companies mostly  develop their own websites. There are various tools available to develop the website templates and designs. But using these tools only allow the companies to create poor designs. Every company and business require a professional look in their websites to meet business needs. The website requires behind the scene coding, which can only be done by skilled and professional developers.

Following are the reasons for every business/company to hire developers to develop their websites:



The free templates available online only provides certain features in their designs, which cannot be customized. Different website building tools are available on the internet,  to create the websites, but there are many companies that are using these tools to create their websites. These tools can provide a free web design, but the designs will look exactly the same as other websites. Every company requires a unique look and advanced features in their design to grow their business.



The business of a company grows as the number of users of the website increases. The developers spent hours to create a highly professional website to handle heavy traffic with fast performance. The poorly designed websites will not be able to handle heavy traffic and will start to crash. The users always have an alternative option for other websites, if the website will takes too long to load and it will crash after an increase in traffic then how can a company expect to do their business?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Even if the company succeeds in building a good quality website, they cannot earn any income if their website is not visible in the searching engines. Many companies have collapsed their business with highly professional looking websites because of not optimizing their websites for searching engines. The website needs to be search engine friendly, to achieve a high rank in the searching results.

Hacking free website

Hacking free website

Security is a very critical issue in the whole IT industry. The business companies can not add security measures in their websites with the website building tools. For this purpose they need professional developers to add security layers in the applications, to protect the sensitive data from the hacking attacks. Otherwise, they will be distributing virus to the customers.

Responsive designing

Responsive designing

Every website needs a responsive design to grow their business. Users usually use mobiles to browse the website, if the websites do not have responsive designs, then the website will not load all the design elements in UI, resulting in the decrease in sales.

The application also requires the cross browser compatibility, to be able to launch in multiple browsers, which is not something the business companies can implement in their websites with free web building tools.

The companies should hire the highly intelligent and advanced developers to create unique website designs with advanced security measures and high functionality features. When hiring the developers, the companies can decide between different languages i.e.; JAVA, PYTHON, .NET or PHP.  But hiring the PHP developers will allow them to produce dynamic/responsive designs and highly customized functionality  for the application with high sense of professionalism.



The companies can build their own websites, which only offers low quality designs and functionalities, but these companies do not take the most important factor in the consideration that if their website would have a poor design then the customers would not use their websites. The website design is the first thing the customers look at, if the website would have low quality design, then it would give a poor first impression. How can the customer expect a high quality product from the poorly designed websites? It is better to hire a development company,  it might seem costly at first, but at least it will pay off after a  long run.

5 Tips for Hiring PHP developers for Web Application Development


PHP is considered as one of the most powerful languages. With the world wide popularity of PHP, a large number of companies have started to offer projects in PHP language. This is making it more and more difficult for the clients to choose the best company for their applications.The client might want an additional upgrade or a newly developed web application, there are certain factors that need to be considered when hiring a PHP developer for the project:

Prefer team based development over solo development:

Hiring solo developers to complete the web application can put your project at risk for not having the required resources to complete the application. Development in team will speedup the whole process of app development. The higher the number of brains, the better, enhanced and more creative ideas for project, thus  resulting in an improved version of application.

Meeting the deadline:

When hiring PHP programmers, make sure to choose a company that meets the project deadline along with a high quality application. Delivering the project on time will save the  client’s time, which they can invest in their business.

Research the development company:

Every client should perform a thorough research when deciding for a company, which has reputation and  financial stability. So, that those companies could offer quality products, that are achieved in-time, within the allocated budget and with high quality.

Choose talented developers:

When deciding for a company chose the companies that have talented and experienced PHP developers. Every web application requires a clean, innovative and an interactive design that can only be achieved by the expert PHP developers. Only achieving low quality product with low talented developers will not help the client’s business survive in the market for too long.


Communication is the most crucial aspect when hiring PHP developers. Miscommunication between the developers and the client can lead to an unrequired element in the website. And worst case scenario, a totally different type of application than the one asked by the client. Therefore, when hiring PHP  developers, choose the ones that are easier to communicate.

The most important tip for hiring a PHP development team is to select the right company for achieving the client’s objectives. Client should take time  to hire the professional and experienced developers, to deploy an application that increase the business and value in the  market.