5 Tips to Choose a PHP Framework for Your Business Website

Framework, in web development, is similar to a library which simplifies web coding tasks by providing components; rendering implementation and maintenance of web elements simpler, efficient and robust. A PHP framework helps the developers focus on the more important details that make your website stand out from the crowd rather than spending time sulking over the basic levels of website functionality.



5 Symptoms that Indicate It’s Time for Your Website’s Overhaul

Businesses all over the world have been banking on boosting their online presence in the past decade or so but there is a vast majority of them who are unable to sustain it to deliver them the expected results. Consequently, they lose on the traffic visiting their website and hence their conversion rates take a serious blow. The number of leads transforming into sales receives a negative impact which eventually shows in the decline in profits. Moreover, they are not able to create lasting impression on the minds of their prospective clientele. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that should give the business owners a fair and timely idea that their website needs a quick overhaul and the need to hire web designers and PHP developers to redo your website.