Hire PHP Developers for Easily Marketable Websites

PHP is loaded with tonnes of state-of-the-art features that facilitate in the development of highly dynamic and interactive websites that flawlessly blend with a huge range of web technologies across the board and prove to be instrumental in driving traffic to the business websites. Hence, the websites developed with PHP are easily marketable. When as a recruiter, you are looking to hire PHP developers for dynamic and interactive websites, it becomes essential that you have some idea why PHP should be your go-to web framework.



3 Essential Components of a Website Requirements Document

More often than not, the operating procedures that the web development team adopts make them execute everything on-the-go and carry out adjustments as and when they are required. The result of such an approach is a website which probably is functioning pretty nicely but is not in accordance with the requirements of the client. So, the whole exercise turns out to be futile resulting in further modifications which means spending more time, more effort and more money. This is precisely where a website requirements document comes into play. A website requirements document is actually an outline of what the website should entail. It gives a proper peek into the potential final product and hence all those involved in the development process get a clear understanding of what is being asked of them. Such a document ought to be formulated in a collaborative environment among the client, web designer, web developer and the content creator. 


Hire PHP Developers and Programmers with the Right Credentials

Hiring PHP developers and programmers in accordance with the project requirements is a herculean task which poses a number of complexities for project managers and website owners. It is essential that the recruiters are aware of the level of skills that these technical persons possess when hiring PHP developers and programmers. Setting technical skill as a decisive parameter, we may divide programmers into three categories, namely beginners, mid-level and advanced developers.



Startups and PHP Developers

If you have an in-house setup, there is a high probability that in the absence of variety, the developers are bound to lose interest, succumb to boredom and hence find their creativity vanished. An outsourcing company can utilize the services of a variety of talented, expert and dedicated PHP developers and programmers who can innovate at will. 


PHP Developers with Experience in YII Framework

A web application can be made more robust and its performance can be enhanced a great deal if its static data is stored in a cache and is used whenever needed from the location. YII framework features top class caching features and offers caching at multiple levels while supporting a number of cache components. YII framework is a free open source web application development framework written in PHP5. It is fast, lightweight, secure, reliable and professional. So, it is always beneficial to hire PHP developers and programmers proficient in YII framework.


5 Symptoms that Indicate It’s Time for Your Website’s Overhaul

Businesses all over the world have been banking on boosting their online presence in the past decade or so but there is a vast majority of them who are unable to sustain it to deliver them the expected results. Consequently, they lose on the traffic visiting their website and hence their conversion rates take a serious blow. The number of leads transforming into sales receives a negative impact which eventually shows in the decline in profits. Moreover, they are not able to create lasting impression on the minds of their prospective clientele. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that should give the business owners a fair and timely idea that their website needs a quick overhaul and the need to hire web designers and PHP developers to redo your website. 


PHP: A Highly Compatible Programming Language

Compatibility with a wide range of platforms is another attribute that lends PHP edge over the other languages in the pack. It is compatible with numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. When as a recruiter, you are looking to hire PHP developers and programmers for dynamic and interactive websites, it becomes essential that you have some idea why PHP should be your go-to web framework.