5 Simple Steps to Build a Custom Designed Website on WordPress

WordPress is an open-source website development tool in addition to being a Content Management System (CMS) that comes loaded with tons of user-friendly equipment that can be handled with utmost ease to put into place an attractive and efficient website. However, there might be a few hurdles down the road. But we are going to tell you these simple yet effective steps that will aid you in building a custom designed website on WordPress. This process is generally referred to as conversion of a PSD image into a custom website.



Stock Images & Graphics for Your Web Project

The visual design of the website includes page layouts, images, branding and all the related stuff. Graphics form a crucial part of a website that drives traffic to it and utmost care has to be taken when going for this option. You can get your hands on images ranging from cheap stock ones to high-end expensive ones. It definitely adds up to the budget whether you go for high resolution images or opt to hire an experienced PHP developer for your web project.

Website with an Attractive Design

The visual design of the website includes page layouts, images, branding and all the related stuff. Remember that it is a repetitive process which involves skimming through a number of designs before an appropriate design is finalized. This design is then handed over to the developers for further implementation. But this phase is definitely going to require a large chunk of your financial investment. When you hire a PHP developer to build a website from scratch, keep in mind that there will be no existing elements and structure to initiate from.


Hire PHP Developers to Build a New Website

Website cost has emerged as a complex little riddle for the business owners which, over the years, has been a source tremendous distress and obfuscation for website owners. When you hire a PHP developer to build a website from scratch, keep in mind that everything has to be done from scratch! This, obviously requires more time, effort and financial resources. On the other hand, if you are looking for a redesign of your current website or even looking to further extend it, a template and inspiration is there for the developers as they just need to have a look at your existing site and off they go!



5 Tips to Choose a Web Host that Suits Your Business Needs

As a website owner, it does appear to be a bit taxing when the hour arrives and you have to choose from among a long list of web hosting companies each promising flawless services, 99% uptime, unlimited resources and a knowledgeable support. Caught in a dilemma? Which company can be best suited for your business needs? Well, we’ve got this problem of yours sorted out in this post. By simply taking into account our simple tips, we expect you to get a clear understanding of what the web hosts mean when they put forth some complex technical jargon before you and choose a web host that suits your business needs.


Hire PHP Developer for a User Friendly Website

The owner needs to determine the various strengths and weaknesses of the website which tends to give an overview of the customers’ perspective and their point of view. It also gives an idea about the general popularity of the website. When the recruiters hire PHP developer, graphical user interface and the user experience are of utmost significance. The elements of a user interface generally include input, navigation, information and containers. The user interface of a website ought to be invisible; i.e. it should not distract the user because of the flashy and phony elements.


Conducive Environment for PHP Developers

Before you hire PHP developers and programmers to build dynamic and interactive websites, it is essential to cultivate an environment in your place that is able to extract the maximum out of the newly hired individual. In the absence of a dedicated PHP developer, the employers tend to go for make-shift arrangements. But as soon as a developer is introduced into the mix, the employees, being the slaves of their habits and comfort, will turn up with other excuses and all their complaints about having to do someone else’s tasks will transform into complaints regarding giving their work their work to someone.

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