Hire Experienced PHP Developers for Customized e-Solutions

The front-end of a website is entirely reliant upon its back-end which consists of a server, an application and a database. The communication among these three constituents of a website is the prime responsibility of back-end developers who employ a number of server side languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET etc. to develop applications and make use of MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server to handle and manage data and bring it to the user at the front. Recruiters should keep these considerations in mind when they set out to hire PHP developers and programmers in search of customized solutions tailored to their business needs.



4 Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers Proficient in YII Framework

YII framework (pronounced as “YEE” and an acronym for Yes It Is) is a free open source web application development framework written in PHP5. It is fast, lightweight, secure, reliable and professional. In this article, we would like to draw up your attention towards the benefits of hiring PHP developers and programmers proficient in YII framework.


Hire Front End Developers and Programmers with Web Development Skills

The front-end developers should be well-versed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript while familiarity with frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, EmberJS etc. is also mandatory. They tend to work in tandem with the web designers and are responsible for bringing wireframes and mockups to life. So, it becomes immensely cumbersome for the recruiters to hire front end developers and programmers with web development skills and expertise they require in relevance with their business.


Hire PHP Developers who Build Responsive Websites

Website cost, over the years, has been a source of tremendous distress and obfuscation for website owners. In the modern age and world and with all this marvelous technology around, there is no room for ordinary website that do not adjust their layout automatically in accordance with the device. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire PHP developers who build responsive websites.


4 Reasons Why Startups Need to Outsource PHP Developers

For early-stage businesses, the question whether they need to establish an in-house set up or outsource PHP developers to create intelligent websites and web applications that can maximize their ROI, becomes pertinent. In this article, we delineate some of the overriding reasons that make it exceptionally beneficial for the startups to hire PHP developers and outsource technology development.


The Webb Design Matters!

From the graphics point of view, you can get your hands on images ranging from cheap stock ones to high-end expensive ones. But a good designer can make an ordinary image appear fabulous. So, it’s totally upto you which way you want to go but never compromise on quality. This is an aspect that should be considered before you hire experienced PHP developers who are expert in building intelligent websites and web applications. 


Captivate Your Audience with a Cool Web Design

The look and feel of the website is an important attraction for the users. Remember that it is a repetitive process which involves skimming through a number of designs before an appropriate design is finalized. This design is then handed over to the hired developers and programmers to build interactive and dynamic websites. But this phase is definitely going to require a large chunk of your financial investment.