Benefits of PHP Web Development


The internet technology is changing at a very rapid pace. So with this fast growing technology, the business possessors want to make their websites, online business portals, forums, blogs etc, unique and professional.

Every business is trying to make attention-grabbing websites by incorporating quality content and graphics in order to increase the number of visitors. Latest smart phone devices can also be used to access the websites. There are several reliable and cost-effective solutions that can be used for the development of websites such as PHP frameworks. PHP web development offers many advantages that are mentioned below:

1) Open Source and Free of Cost


PHP is open source which means that anyone can use it. As it is open source, so the PHP web developers are continuously updating the central functionalities of PHP. Users are able to use PHP without paying any cost under PHP General Public License. Moreover, many of the associative software programs for PHP such as MySQL, Text Editors and Apache Server are also free to use. Hence, PHP is a cost efficient solution for owners of websites.

2) Flexible and Easy Coding Methods


PHP is very user friendly. It offers more flexibility as compared to C, C++ and ASP. It provides a great help in generating more traffic to the website. The syntax of PHP is easy to understand. The code is incorporated in HTML source code and PHP is based on C/C++. So, the coding method is quite easy in PHP.

3)  Good Compatibility and Independent of Platform Used


PHP is very compatible with different operating systems and web servers. The script of PHP is able to run on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, OpenBSD, Mac OSX etc. PHP also gives good support to web servers like Apache, IIS, iPlanet. Moreover, it also provides support for databases such as MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, InterBase, FrontBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

4) Dominant & Multipurpose


Several web portals use PHP programming. Almost every kind of web application can be developed in PHP such as informative forums,  platforms for chatting, huge organizational websites, CRM solutions, e-commerce websites, , business driven Apps etc.

Few of the examples of social media websites that are made through PHP are Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. Moreover, PHP can also handle the websites having a lot of traffic.

5) Great Security

Hacking free website

PHP consists of multiple security layers so it offers great protection against harmful activities.

6) Large Community of Developers


There are many PHP support developers that provide help by publishing up to date tutorials and documents. These support developers also provide help on community forums. The code written by you can be used by other users also.

7) PHP has Proven Its Mark


People are using PHP programming since 1995. Most of the business owners prefer PHP programming for the development of their websites. PHP has developed and maintained many popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hence, if you are looking for a versatile option for the development of your website, then PHP Web Development is the best choice. It’s simple and cost efficient solution. You can ask any question related to this article in the comment section below:


4 Advantages That Make Offshore PHP Development Profitable


When going for the offshore developers, you can choose qualified professionals after going through their portfolios. Professional companies create extensive catalogues of their projects and achievements to display samples of their best work.  Offshore development companies can grant you the luxury of forming a team of professional top notch developers, who can provide results that you desire. Read in more detail here.

5 Tips to Choose a PHP Framework for Your Business Website

Framework, in web development, is similar to a library which simplifies web coding tasks by providing components; rendering implementation and maintenance of web elements simpler, efficient and robust. A PHP framework helps the developers focus on the more important details that make your website stand out from the crowd rather than spending time sulking over the basic levels of website functionality.


Stock Images & Graphics for Your Web Project

The visual design of the website includes page layouts, images, branding and all the related stuff. Graphics form a crucial part of a website that drives traffic to it and utmost care has to be taken when going for this option. You can get your hands on images ranging from cheap stock ones to high-end expensive ones. It definitely adds up to the budget whether you go for high resolution images or opt to hire an experienced PHP developer for your web project.

Website with an Attractive Design

The visual design of the website includes page layouts, images, branding and all the related stuff. Remember that it is a repetitive process which involves skimming through a number of designs before an appropriate design is finalized. This design is then handed over to the developers for further implementation. But this phase is definitely going to require a large chunk of your financial investment. When you hire a PHP developer to build a website from scratch, keep in mind that there will be no existing elements and structure to initiate from.


Hire PHP Developers to Build a New Website

Website cost has emerged as a complex little riddle for the business owners which, over the years, has been a source tremendous distress and obfuscation for website owners. When you hire a PHP developer to build a website from scratch, keep in mind that everything has to be done from scratch! This, obviously requires more time, effort and financial resources. On the other hand, if you are looking for a redesign of your current website or even looking to further extend it, a template and inspiration is there for the developers as they just need to have a look at your existing site and off they go!



Hire PHP Developer for a User Friendly Website

The owner needs to determine the various strengths and weaknesses of the website which tends to give an overview of the customers’ perspective and their point of view. It also gives an idea about the general popularity of the website. When the recruiters hire PHP developer, graphical user interface and the user experience are of utmost significance. The elements of a user interface generally include input, navigation, information and containers. The user interface of a website ought to be invisible; i.e. it should not distract the user because of the flashy and phony elements.