Hire PHP Developers to Build Friendly User Interface

The elements of a user interface generally include input, navigation, information and containers. The user interface of a website ought to be invisible; i.e. it should not distract the user because of the flashy and phony elements. We suggest that if you hire PHP developers and programmers to build a friendly user interface, it can certainly serve the purpose well and assist in driving traffic to your website and in turn help you maximize your return on investment.



5 Simple Tips That can Boost Your Website’s Security

Websites remain vulnerable to multitudes of security threats and so do the networks to which web servers are connected. Besides hiring expert and dedicated PHP developers and programmers to build interactive websites, a few security protocols when followed earnestly can certainly render your website as safe as anything in the web ecosystem. In this post, we have lined up five simple tips that can boost your website’s security without breaking a sweat.


PHP the most preferred in web development

Compatibility with a wide range of platforms is another attribute that lends PHP edge over the other languages in the pack. It is compatible with numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. Again, when it comes to databases, PHP is highly compatible with database sources such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Generic ODBC etc. The most preferred combination among the developers is that of PHP and MySQL. When as a recruiter, you are looking to hire PHP developers and programmers for dynamic and interactive websites, it becomes essential that you have some idea why PHP should be your go-to web framework.


3 Top Security Tips for PHP Developers to Help them Develop Safe Web Applications

Even the most experienced of the developers cannot develop web applications which are completely secure. It’s not all about writing a secure PHP code all the time. Several other things have to be taken into account. Here, we discuss some really useful yet easy to understand tips for PHP developers to render their web applications safer and more secure from the exploits of hackers.


3 Ways Responsive Websites can Maximize Your ROI

According to a recent estimate, about three-fifths of the users, while searching on Google, discard a non-mobile friendly website and look for one which appears properly formatted on their device. In this article, we endeavour to enlist three key reasons that make it absolutely necessary for the website owners to design responsive websites that maximize their return on investment.