5 Ways Product Documentation Gives Your Business the Competitive Edge

Banner1-1170x530Documentation refers to the literature accompanying a certain product which describes its design, technical features, development and other specifications. With the ability to indicate how a product will evolve with time, documentation is reliable and serves as an extremely effective tool that creates a link between the business and its potential investors and clients.



4 Reasons Why Startups Need to Outsource PHP Developers

For early-stage businesses, the question whether they need to establish an in-house set up or outsource PHP developers to create intelligent websites and web applications that can maximize their ROI, becomes pertinent. In this article, we delineate some of the overriding reasons that make it exceptionally beneficial for the startups to hire PHP developers and outsource technology development.


5 Attributes that Render PHP the Most Preferred Language in Web Development

What makes PHP so much popular among the masses is user-friendliness, ease with which it can be employed in a variety of diverse scenarios, its smoothness and simplicity. Here, we have lined up 5 attributes that render PHP the status of most preferred language in web development.